Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Policy

We, Ayoki Fabricon Private Limited, firmly believe in continually evaluating and improving Safety and Health for all and protection of the Environment. We are committed to provide and ensure a safe and healthy workplace to our employees and the employees of our sub-contractors / service providers working at our project sites. Our endeavor is to execute projects with utmost importance to safety and health of manpower and to protect the nature and mother earth from constant destruction and harm.

In pursuit of this belief and commitment, we strive to :-
  1. Maintain and improve our management system to minimize health and safety hazards and impact on environment.
  2. Ensure and endeavor compliance with statutory, legal and other applicable requirements.
  3. Maintain adequate resources at all the times to ensure implementation of safety and health.
  4. Identify potential risk / hazards and follow safe work practices by usage of tested equipments, tools and providing personal protective equipments at all times.
  5. Maintain adequate documentation and ensure effective communication for safety and health.
  6. Avoid pollution of environment (air, water and soil).
  7. Continue to provide adequate training at all levels and will organize safety, health and environment awareness camps and motivational programs.
  8. Promote and create awareness of protecting Environment from destruction.
  9. Ensure continual improvement in our Safety, Health and Environment Management System.



We, Ayoki Fabricon Private Limited are committed to complete projects to the satisfaction of our clients within stipulated time with quality. Our aim is to continually improve the service we are providing to clients to meet their requirement. We believe, quality is the responsibility of all personnel and it is our endeavor to create a Quality Culture within the organization.

To achieve above and meet our commitment, we shall :-
  1. Execute and complete projects to the satisfaction of our client with trained professionals and maintaining quality standards.
  2. Deliver projects and services on time to meet our customer’s requirement.
  3. Achieve zero defects in our products and services.
  4. Establish and develop procedures and documents and ensure effective communication for Quality Management System.
  5. Develop staff potential through the provision of adequate training.
  6. Maintain adequate resources available all the times to fully implement of Quality Management System.
  7. Ensure service provider and their workmen follow company’s Quality standards and practices.
  8. Ensure continual improvement in our Quality Management System.